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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Semana 5 en Kerman

On April 14, 2014 Hermana VanWie shared this letter:
Querida Familia y amigos --

                The work this week has been wonderful! Thank you for all of your prayers and support! I am so grateful for each one of you!

I love working with Sister Z! We both love working hard in the work of Salvation!! I loved General Conference  (a church conference held twice a year that is broadcast throughout the world.) this past weekend!!  Here are some of the talks I enjoyed.I loved President Eyring's talk about eternal happiness coming through family bonds, righteousness being a conscious choice, and letting the Lord direct your life. I know that when the Lord is in charge, everything will always work out. I also loved Sister Reeves talk. Sometimes it can be hard to filter out the world, but she made it very clear how we can. Our personal internal filter is better than an external filter. The internal filter comes from deep personal conversion. To have this, we talk of Christ, teach of Christ, and rejoice in Christ. We have daily scripture study and prayer. We have FHE and do family history work and go to the temple. How grateful I am for this counsel! It truly protects us! I have seen it happen in my own life. I am so grateful to have been taught this growing up. It enabled me to be protected from the world and become converted. I also loved Elder Uchtdorf's talk about being grateful for the rain. "How often do we so anxiously await the rainbow that we do not thank God for the rain?" Gratitude shows humility and fosters empathy. How grateful I am for this General Conference. I know these men and women were inspired of the Lord.

We had a great lesson with the B family this week. Last time we invited the father to live the word of wisdom (the Lord’s law of health). He told us that he has cut down from 4 cups of coffee a day to 1!! What a miracle! We also had been a little concerned if he was really willing to change. As we discussed the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the blessing that the Holy Ghost is in our lives, the Spirit enveloped the room. We asked him if he wanted this gift in his life. His reply was yes and that he was willing to do the work that was necessary to have that peace with him all the time. He then explained to us that he notices a difference when we are in his home. He likes the feel that is there and is now ready to do what it takes to feel that way always. What a powerful lesson that was! I love being a missionary!

We also had a miracle lesson with a man named J. We had been working in Fresno for most of the day with a member and on the way back to Kerman we decided to pass by a referral one more time--he hadn't been there the previous two times.  This time he was home!!!! We had a great lesson with him about the Book of Mormon and about the blessing of the Atonement and that we can change. He opened up to us really quickly and explained to us that he had been in the gang life for 30 years and because of that had never learned to read, but as he read the Bible he taught himself how to read. He told us that he thought that God must have a plan for him or something because 7 years ago he was able to start turning his life around. He is now a family man and has a real interest in coming closer to Christ. We were privileged to testify to him that we know that God has a plan for each one of us and that it was no coincidence that we found him. We have a lesson with him tonight. I am so excited to help him progress!

I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only thing that can truly make us happy! I know that our Heavenly Father truly has a plan for each of us and has provided a way for us to learn more about that plan--the Book of Mormon. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon. I am grateful for being raised in the Gospel. I know it is true! I love living it! I love being a missionary!

                Espero que tengan una semana maravillosa! Los quiero mucho! Con amor,

Hermana VanWie

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