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Friday, September 5, 2014

Semana 12 en Kerman

On June 2, 2014, Hermana VanWie wrote this letter:
Querida Familia y amigos ---

Espero que tuvieron una semana maravillosa! (I hope you had a marvelous week!)

Story of the week: This week we had some unexpected and unwanted visitors to our apartment--cockroaches! Sister M and I did not want to get near it at all, but we didn't want them in our apartment either, so I decided to kill it. It was much bigger than the ones we saw in Ceres--it was about the size of a half dollar coin. We went a little crazy with the cleaning supplies to try to kill it/ stun it. It seemed to work, but then it was quite the scene--scooping it into a dust pan and running it out to the garbage outside. Only in a sisters' apartment.... It added some excitement into our day.

We had some amazing lessons this week! We had a great lesson with Gand his family! It was the first time that his dad sat in on a lesson and it made such a difference! We are going to work on reactivating the whole family now. We realized that when the father becomes reactivated, the whole family will be solid. G will get baptized soon, but we are going to focus on his whole family's conversion first so then he will be solid as well. 

We also had some wonderful lessons with M (we learned we had been spelling her name wrong a few days ago) and J. We had a great lesson about the Restoration and the importance of it and how we can apply it into our lives. We are so proud of M! she is coming so far and progressing so much! A few days after this lesson we had another lesson with M and her sister was there. She had a lot of questions and we had the wonderful opportunity to teach her in her sister's home about personal revelation and the Holy Ghost. I love teaching about the Holy Ghost and helping others recognize it! As we taught we were able to help her identify how she feels the Holy Ghost and explain what the Holy Ghost's purpose is. 

On Sunday M got confirmed! He was so happy! It was a wonderful way to end the transfer with Sister M. He drew a wonderful picture for us explaining the Holy Ghost and getting confirmed. As we teach to a person's needs and understanding they flourish and grow and have the opportunity to gain their own testimony. As we have been leaving M with commitments that allow him to process the information we teach, he has grown and developed and now has the beginnings of a strong testimony.

             Saturday night we received transfer calls!!!! Sister M will be returning home and I am going to be companions with Hermana Parra-Ortega again!! She will returning home at the end of this next transfer as well. I am so excited to be able to work with her again! 

I am so grateful for the scriptures! My testimony of the power of the Book of Mormon has been strengthened this week. As we consistently read and study the Book of Mormon, the Spirit is more abundant in our lives. This is because everything that is written in the Book of Mormon was included for a specific reason. The Spirit testified to me of this this morning as I was in my personal study. I was reading in Jacob chapter 4. In verse 1 he is describing the difficulty of writing on the plates. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know that as we study its pages we will find answers to our prayers and come closer to our Heavenly Father and our Savior. We will find strength beyond our own.

Muchas gracias por todo lo que hacen para ayudar en esta obra misional. Los quiero muchisimo! Que tengan una semana llena de mucha felicidad!

Con amor,
Hermana VanWie

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