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Friday, December 6, 2013

Semana 22 en Ceres -- Much to be Thankful for

Querida Familia--
         This week has been a week full of service and miracles! On Tuesday we received a phone call from one of the members in our branch who had a friend with her right then that wanted to talk with us. We drove over to this member's home and taught a lesson to the friend. Her name is L. She told us she wants something stable for her children and as we shared scriptures with her she eagerly highlighted them in the copy of the Book of Mormon that we gave her. As we set a return appointment she continually thanked us for sharing this with her--she was so grateful for the opportunity she has to have a new religion in her life. We are so excited to keep teaching her! She is so prepared! I know our Heavenly Father puts prepared people in our path when we are doing are best to strengthen the branches and wards we are serving in.
         This week we also had splits with Hna S. We went on bikes and we saw many miracles! As we got ready to leave the apartment she found a thorn in her tire and then realized that she had a leak in her tire! So we got a later start than we had planned.  We got to our appointment a little late, but we had a wonderful lesson nonetheless. We taught the Restoration to a woman from Peru named Y. We invited her to be baptized as well and she accepted on the condition that she would if she knew all that we taught was true. I love working with Hna S! She is so wonderful! She knows how to truly connect with the people and how to teach with power! I was so blessed to be able to teach with her.
          Throughout the day, we were running a little behind until our last appointment before dinner--we were 15minutes early so we decided to do some harvest blessings. We were picking a street to tract when a girl we had passed a few minutes earlier stopped us and asked if we would pray with her. She then explained to us that we looked like "church people" and identified us as Mormons because of our bicycles and black skirts. What a wonderful experience. We gave a harvest blessing and then talked about the Book of Mormon. As we talked about the scriptures she lit up and asked if we had one which we did--the only English copy I had "randomly" put into my bag that morning. What an amazing experience!
          On Thursday we had dinner with a family in an English ward and had the opportunity to watch Forever Strong--the movie about President (Coach) Gelwix's (her mission president) rugby team. I was amazed at how much I learned from it! We also had time during our lunch hour to make cookies to say thank you to the Zone Leaders for all they do for us and our branch.
           We also had a wonderful opportunity to do service on Saturday morning with all of the missionaries in the branch and the ward mission leader. We went and raked leaves and cleaned a yard of one of the members. It took us nearly 2 hours and 7 huge bags of leaves! It was a great opportunity to serve and to be outside serving with the other missionaries.
            Yesterday, Sunday, was a special day! Both R and the mission leader's wife, L were confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost. They now are official members of the Church and have begun on a new journey. Baptism is not the end--it is just the beginning. They now can go to the temple and be sealed with their families! We are so grateful for their hard work and dedication to get to this point in their lives! We are so excited for them to be sealed to their families next year! That is what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is about--having Eternal Families and helping each other return to live with our Heavenly Father and our Savior.
             Yo se que Dios tiene un plan para cada uno de nosotros. El tiene este plan para que podamos regresar y vivir con El y nuestro Salvador. Se que por medio de este plan podemos vivir con nuestras familias para siempre. Yo se que mi Salvador vive y que El sufrio y murio para nosotros. (I know that God has a plan for each of us.  His plan is that we can return and live with him again and our Savior.  I know that this plan enables us to live with our families forever.  I know that my Savior lives and that he suffered and died for us.)
          I hope you have a wonderful week! Thank you for all that you do! Los quiero! 
                                                                                Hermana VanWie

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