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Monday, December 30, 2013

26th Semana en Ceres -- a wonderful Christmas week!

Querida familia y amigos,
        Espero que tenieran una Navidad maravillosa! (I hope you had a wonderful Christmas)
Este semana tuvimos la oportunidad para cantar himnos de Navidad a muchas personas. (This week we had the opportunity to sing Christmas Carols to many people.) I loved being able to carol with all of the missionaries.
        On Christmas Eve, we went contacting by singing Christmas hymns. It was such a wonderful opportunity to help people feel the Spirit within the first few seconds. What a wonderful opportunity it was to meet people and help them remember the real reason for Christmas.  After that we had dinner with the family of a recent convert. They were so thrilled that we were going to be spending Christmas Eve with them. On Thursday they all went to the temple. It was such a wonderful experience for them and for us to hear about. We are so thrilled at how much progress he and his family are making. His son is now going out with the elders and is now planning on serving a mission as well. After dinner we had a great lesson with the familia R. That was a miracle! They had texted us the day before and had asked us to come and teach the entire family on Christmas Eve. Almost the entire family was there. We did the activity of the white stocking with them and talked about Christ's birth and remembering that He truly is the reason for the season. As they made goals for this coming year and remembered all that Christ has done for them, I couldn't help but become excited because they are beginning to come back to church and many of them can have the goal of getting to the temple.
       Christmas was Wednesday. We had wonderful phone calls with our families.  Then, we had a Zone activity and got to watch a movie together.  Then we went caroling with the hermanas for the rest of the night. It was wonderful! This Christmas I am especially grateful for the Savior and the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. I am also grateful for the opportunity that we have to communicate with our families. I love my family and I love my Savior! I am so grateful for the plan that He has for us that allows us to be with both Him and them for eternity.
       Thursday we met another less active member and are going to do service for her this next week. She has 4 avocado trees, a lemon tree and an orange tree. We are going to be doing a lot of work outside and helping clean out her house that is almost entirely made of tile--everything is tile, even the walls. We finally met another family named the familia O. They are former investigators and we are so excited to begin working with them. We made an appointment with them to do service first--more about that later(on Saturday).
        On Friday we had a wonderful conversation with our ward mission leader--he was just released from the hospital. He is so positive about life and even the hard times. He is an inspiration for all of us as missionaries and is always willing to help in this work of salvation. We also had a wonderful lesson with a less active talking about the Savior's help for each of us. As we did an activity to demonstrate how we need the Savior in our life.I think she understood. She was able to explain very simply to her children about the importance of the Savior. For this reason I love teaching in activities.
         Saturday we did service as a district for the familia O. We moved lots of brick and rocks and pieces of cement--it was a good thing we had some Elders there too. After serving them we were able to teach them and get to know them better. This family is wonderful! I am excited to see how they progress in the next few weeks.
          Yesterday was Sunday and the hermanas all matched--see picture below. J was confirmed a member of the church as well! She was so excited and she felt so good after wards. That was so exciting to see!
           I love you all so much! Thank you for all of your prayers and support. I know God lives and loves us! This is His work! Los quiero mucho!
Hermana VanWie
 All the Hermanas yesterday at church wearing our matching scarves from a member.

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