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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Semana 23 en ceres -- Busy Week!

 Querida Familia--
        This week we taught a lot of lessons using activities. On Monday we had a wonderful noche de hogar with L and J. We played a pictionary game with the children and this allowed the whole family to be involved in recognizing how the Lord works in their lives. Then we also had a lesson with S and her family about the importance of family time and creating memories and using the divine ability that our Heavenly Father has given us to be creative.
        Tuesday we had district meeting. How blessed I am to be in this district! I have learned so much from our district leader, Elder A, about Spanish! My ability to pronounce and use and understand all the grammar has increased so much!
        On Wednesday we had a lesson with a new investigator and had a wonderful experience giving a Harvest Blessing. The new investigator's name in S. We taught her in member home--she was a referral and she wants to be baptized. We can't wait to teach her again(we had an appointment with her scheduled on Friday but she wasn't feeling well). We also met a wonderful woman named A. We gave a Harvest Blessing to her and her family. She welcomed us with open arms into her home and as we bore testimony and left a blessing upon her home she felt something different. As we asked how she felt and she explained to us that she felt peaceful she began to cry. I know she felt the Holy Ghost testifying to her. Every time we have an experience like this, I marvel at how much our Heavenly Father loves us to have given us a gift like the Holy Ghost. How wonderful that is!
         On Thursday I went on an exchange (trading companions) with Hermana M. We went and had a wonderful lesson with J and her family.  She should be getting baptized this month. Her parents told us that they would look at her dad's work schedule and the Sunday he has off from work she will be getting baptized. They should let us know when that is tomorrow. She also came to church yesterday with her Aunt Belen and another aunt. It is so wonderful to see this family bringing other parts of their family back to church!
          On Friday we had another wonderful noche de hogar with L and J and their family. This time we made Christmas wreaths out of our hands and paper and crayons. As we did this we talked about 5 things that each of us can do to come closer to our Savior. At the end when we put all the hands together there was still a space--a space for a red bow representing the Savior. I know that our Savior truly fills up the space--He makes up for what we are lacking. When we are doing all we can do, His grace truly is sufficient for us all. I love my Savior.
           Saturday we had the wonderful opportunity to learn from Elder Bruce D. Porter (one of the church leaders who travels to train and assist the missionaries and their leaders.)  We had a Zone Conference with President and Sister Gelwix and Elder and Sister Porter. They each spoke and we learned so much from them. ransfer, and mission. When we have an "end game" we expect to W.I.N. We focus on What is Important Now. He also taught more about the Lazarus Principle.
             Elder Porter taught about how we need to view everything we do as teaching--because as missionaries we love to teach! We teach all day long by our examples so tracting is teaching! Street contact is teaching! And as we bear our testimonies we are teaching! He taught about the importance of being humble and how we can have more access to Heaven's power when we are humble. He also taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Chapter 3 Lesson 3 in PMG). I love this chapter! He taught that as we more fully understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ we will come closer to our Savior and our Heavenly Father and will more fully understand the plan that They have for us.
               Sister Gelwix and Sister Porter both spoke on being examples and being as effective as we can while we are here on the mission. They said, "You will never know when something you do or say will affect someone's life...You are a missionary through your example and your countenance moreso than your words."
             After the Conference and we were back in our area we felt like we should go see a woman named A that we haven't seen in a long time. We found her at home and she told us that she wants to come back to church again and learn more about this church. We are so excited to help her come closer to Christ and have an eternal family!
            Yesterday,Sunday, we were amazed to see several less actives at church and the chapel pretty full of people. How wonderful that was to see! I know that when we are doing all that we can do our Savior will always help us. That is the enabling power of His wonderful Atonement. How grateful I am for Him and for all that He has done for me! I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to share this Gospel--this good news with the people of Ceres, California. How blessed I am to have the knowledge that my Heavenly Father loves us and is watching over us! I am so grateful for this time of the season--where everyone's hearts are turned to Christ. I love this work! I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior! I know this church is true and that through living the principles that are taught in it we will be able to live with our Heavenly Father, our Savior, and our families for eternity.
 Los quiero mucho! Gracias por todo su amor! Que tengan una semana maravillosa!
                                           Con amor,    Hermana VanWie



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