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Sunday, October 6, 2013

13th Semana en Ceres

Querida Familia,
            This week was the first week of the new transfer. I am so excited about this transfer! Hermana W is so wonderful! She is already settling in to Ceres 3 and I know we will be able to work together really well. We are very similar in how we communicate and we are both learning the language. It is wonderful to be learning together and progressing in our communicating skills together. 
We have had quite a few adventures together this week. One of which was discovering how we can have hot water. Our thermostat controls the hot water, so when we want a warm shower we have to turn on the heat (that would have been nice to figure out a while ago. Oh well :) ) But, we figured that out by turning on the heater a chilly morning. Unfortunately, one of us was in the shower and ended up being slightly scalded. But now we know :) 
This week we also had the baptism of L! It was so exciting!  But, I think the most exciting thing was the change I have been able to see in our investigator over the past few weeks. She truly is changed. She is more willing to follow our Savior and is trying harder and harder to be that good example for her family. I am reminded of a quote by President Harold B. Lee that says, "The greatest miracles I see today are not necessarily the healing of sick bodies, but the greatest miracles I see are the healing of sick souls." What a wonderful experience this was--to see this healing taking place. I love this work! As they strive to change, we and  they are able to come closer to our Savior. I am so excited that L has made this step and now has the support and encouragement of the branch. She radiated happiness after her baptism. How wonderful it was to see her smile and be joyful again!   
I also have gained a greater appreciation for how the promptings of the Spirit work. A while back we met a man named V who has met many authorities of the church. However, for some reason his information was never passed on to the English speaking Elders in the area. This week we found his information again and sent the referral to the Elders. They too had found his information in their potential list but were unsure as to how they would be able to communicate with him. With our information they were able to teach a lesson with his son translating.  They were able to teach the Restoration to him and discovered that there is a member in their ward that speaks Russian. What a tender mercy! The Lord's hand truly is in this work! I know that He wants each of His children to return back to Him and He will always provide a way. In the words of a Primary children’s song, "I will go; I will do the things the Lord commands. I know the Lord provides a way! He wants me to obey."   
I am so grateful for the Plan that our Heavenly Father has for each and every one of His children. He loves us! And I love Him! I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve Him!  Thank you for all of your love and support!   Les quiero mucho!
                                                    Hermana VanWie

P.S. The 1st picture is of my new companion, Hna. W and me. The next pictures are of me and Hna. W at L's baptism




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