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Friday, March 21, 2014

Semana 35 en Ceres

Querida familia y amigos --
            Espero que tuvieran una semana maravillosa! This week has been a wonderful week! We have been really focused on getting our hour of harvest blessings in everyday and we are seeing miracles! We are having the opportunity to teach more as we try to teach at every moment in this hour as well. Through this we are finding more people that are prepared and want to learn more about the gospel. We have over 5 return appointments this week with people that we met and taught through harvest blessings and we are excited to teach them again and help them come closer to Christ.
          The week started off in a very interesting day--Preparation Day. We went to the Remate! The Remate is a lot of fun, but it can be rather awkward if you are a Spanish speaking white sister. After an hour of strange looks and awkward comments, we called it a day. At the end of trip, we were taking a picture near the front of the Remate and a man came up and asked us what church we were from. We told him and before we could even respond he asked us if we had a card or something we could give him. After talking with him for a little while we wrote down both phone numbers and told him that if he had any questions about religion or about how he could come closer to Christ to give us a call. The next day the other sisters called us and were super excited. He had called and wanted to learn more. They taught him once and invited him to the PMG class that we taught on Thursday. He came! He also came to church on Sunday. We had the opportunity to talk to him a little bit more and it turns out he speaks French and Spanish. He is from Canada! What a small world. My French Book of Mormon might be useful for him since he is more comfortable reading in French. The Lord truly puts people in certain places for a reason.      
          This week my testimony of teaching in member homes has really been strengthened. We have been teaching the familia P a lot this month and they have been progressing very well. We even had a church tour and they are excited to come to church this week. However, their excitement about the gospel and their willingness to open up and ask questions did not appear until this past week. We taught them in a member home twice this past week and it has made all the difference. The mother and father are both willing and wanting to ask questions and respond. The son also talked and asked questions for the first time ever! We are so excited. There is such a special spirit there in the members' home. They are developing a friendship with this family and are beginning to envision how this gospel can affect THEM as a family and how it can bless their lives. We have been able to help them to recognize the Spirit and learn how to pray effectively. In one of the lessons it really struck me how simple prayers can be and how vitally important it truly is to communicate with our Heavenly Father about all that is going on in our lives. How grateful I am that we have the opportunity to have this communication with Him every day.
         I love how the mission allows us to learn so much about ourselves and how we can improve every day. I am grateful for the learning experiences I am having here! I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to work in this branch and for the things I am learning from the members here. Yesterday in church a member bore a powerful testimony of tithing. He explained it in a way that I had never heard before: "Es mejor tener 90% de nuestro salario y 10% de ayuda de Dios que 100% de nuestro salario y estar solos." or "It's better to have 90% of our salary and 10% of the Lord's help than have 100% of our salary and be alone."
           I am so grateful for the strong testimony of these members and the faith they have! I know that God truly knows what we need in order to grow and improve. I know He is watching over us and protecting us. He will truly lead and guide us when we are doing our best to follow Him. 
          We had the wonderful opportunity to see this this week. For a while now we had been feeling like we needed to go and visit I___ (an investigator that Hna P and I had). But we had been kind of ignoring the thought-- she hadn't been progressing at all. But this week we put her in our plans and then we sent out a spiritual text to those in our phone book. She responded and asked us to come by and see her. We did and it was wonderful! Since we last saw her she has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying with her husband EVERY NIGHT! She has a true desire now to learn more about this church and come closer to her Heavenly Father. Although she is now working and it will be more difficult for her to come to church, I know that she is prepared now. 
          How grateful I am for the promptings of the Spirit. This is the Lord's work! We must do it His way and follow the promptings from Him if we want to see success in our areas and bring more of our brothers and sisters to Him. I know our Heavenly Father wants us to be happy. As we strive to keep His commandments and come closer to Him, He will bless us and help us along our journey. Thank you for all of your love and support! Los quiero mucho! Que tenga una semana maravillosa y bendicida!

Con amor,

Hermana VanWie

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