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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2nd Semana en Kerman -- Crazy Busy Week!

Querida Familia y Amigos --
     Thank you for all of your birthday wishes! I had a wonderful birthday serving the Lord! It is one I will never forget.
     This week has been crazy! This past session of weekly planning we felt inspired to set a goal of one baptism for this past week. That wasn't so hard to wrap our brains around, but we both felt like it was going to be a man that would be baptized. That was a problem--we didn't have a man in our teaching pool. So, this week we spent a lot of time diligently searching for this man. In the end, we did not find him, but we learned a very important lesson: We need to always have this urgency, drive, and vigor in every contact we have. We need to treat them as if they are the next person to be baptized. We did this and we saw miracles! We are excited to visit all the people we found while doing this and helping them receive the gospel. We are excited to continue applying this dedication in our work. 
      On Thursday, we had Specialized Training. I loved Specialized Training this week! I learned so much more about me, my potential, and what Heavenly Father expects from me. We were also trained on following the promptings of the Spirit.
      Sister Z and I are working on following every prompting from the Spirit as well. We loved that training! Last night (sunday), we were headed to an appointment when we passed a former investigator's home. At first we were both a little hesitant about stopping, but did in the end. Although we didn't have the opportunity to teach him, we learned about a family that has a lot of potential and is going through a hard time right now and needs to know about the plan God has for us. I love the Spirit!
      This week I went on an exchange with Sister H as well. It was my first time leading this area and we didn't get lost! Yay! Everything turned out wonderful and we had a miracle lesson. We had a lesson with a woman named M--she should be getting baptized anyday now. We are just finishing teaching her the commandments. She is keeping the Word of Wisdom now and accepted the law of tithing within the first 5 minutes of the lesson! She truly understands its importance and is excited to keep it--she even tried to give us her tithing right then. We are excited to help her enter into the covenant of baptism. 
     After that we went and picked up Sister C (one of the coordinating sisters -- leaders of sister missionaries)--she will be working with us for a few days, so we are super excited. We also doing something wonderful in the next couple weeks. We are teaching LANGUAGE CLASSES! We are going to be teaching Spanish to the English members so that they can communicate with the Spanish members and help us with team-ups. We are excited to help them learn how to pray and bear testimony.
     I am very happy to be serving here in Kerman! I know this is where I need to be right now. I love this gospel! I love this work! I know the Lord has a plan for us. We are truly children of our Heavenly Father and we have divine potential! Thank you for all the love and support you give me!
     Los extrano y los quiero!  Con amor,
Hermana VanWie 

Here are some pictures of Kerman and the vineyards

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