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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Semana 32 en Ceres

Querida Familia y amigos --

This week has been a crazy week!  We were working with Hermana DLC (the new sister from Peru) all day on Wednesday while her companion was in some meetings. We had a very busy day! We had 5 wonderful lessons while she was with us. It made the day very interesting because we were speaking en puro espanol and we had the opportunity to teach her english. She is a wonderful missionary and I love being able to speak with her and improve my language skills. We are continuing to help teach her English a little bit every day. As we are doing this, our Spanish language skills are improving too.
 One of the lessons we had was with the familia P. We also had another lesson with this family later in the week and the Spirit was so strong in that lesson! Everyone was able to recognize it. Although they are not quite sure about baptism right now, they want to continue learning. I was thrilled that they were able to recognize the Spirit and that they wanted that feeling in their home. As we were beginning to leave after the second lesson, they quickly invited us to stay for some hot chocolate and pan (mexican sweet bread)--they wanted that feeling to stay in their home. We are excited to teach them again this week with a member. 
 We also had a wonderful lesson with S this week as well. We invited her to be baptized and she agreed! We just need to help her feel like she knows enough. We are excited to teach her again this week. I know she will progress quickly now that she has baptism as her goal and we know that that is her goal as well. 
I went on an exchange with Hermana S this week. We found a lot of new people and learned a lot about ourselves as we lost ourselves in the work. I know that this is how we come to know more about ourselves and about our Savior--through losing ourselves in the service of others. 
Hermana W and I had a wonderful lesson with the O family about prophets. We are continuing to use activities to explain gospel principles and we used the game of "Simon says" to explain the importance of prophets. The boys loved it and were able to explain it to their dad and they related it to the importance of going to church. Hopefully they will come to church and start progressing again.
This Sunday was a day of miracles and tender mercies! The O family came to church!!!!!!!!! The boys loved the classes and the parents seemed to enjoy it as well. The youngest boy (he is 4) sat perfectly through during church and was quite content to be there and was reverent through almost all of church. I know that was because he was able to recognize something different--he was able to feel of the Spirit. They were welcomed by all the members that remembered them and were helped by members they did not know to feel comfortable in classes. We were so thrilled! The Relief Society (church women’s auxiliary)  gave a wonderful lesson on the importance of visiting teaching this Sunday as well. (Visiting Teaching is a program in the church where go visit and help each other.) We were so excited that everyone participated and truly seemed to understand the importance. 
I know that Visiting Teaching and Home Teaching (a similar program for men and families) are Divine Callings that have been given to us as members to help others continue coming unto Christ--it is a way that members are called as missionaries. I know that Family History is also a way that members are being asked to be missionaries.  I know this is the work of Salvation – The Lord’s Plan of happiness! This work is being hastened and we are part of it! I know our Heavenly Father has given us the Plan of Salvation in order for us to be able to help our families and friends come closer to Him. I know our Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to be happy.
Thank you for all of your support and for all that you do to help hasten this work!  Los extrano y los quiero!  Que tenga una semana maravillosa! 
Con amor, Hermana VanWie

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